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Cold comfort: in praise of the flu jab | Eva Wiseman

18/11/2018 Eva Wiseman 0

It’s that time of year again – the trip to the chemist, the little room, the little jab. Eva Wiseman reveals why avoiding actual flu is not the only reason she loves having the shotThe most magical time of the year – flu jab day, my chosen Christmas. I…

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Social prescribing’s new chapter | Letters

06/11/2018 Letters 0

Giving away books on the NHS can help patients with mental illnesses, says Edward Rosen, and walking in groups also has big health benefits, according to Phoebe Harris. Martin Smith is impressed by his GP practiceArifa Akbar (Books on the NHS? A lovely…

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Why I like Taylor Swift 100% more | Brief letters

10/10/2018 Letters 0

Twins | Flu vaccine | Taylor Swift and Trump | Shopping | Plumbing BrexitI am a twin. One thing that grated when my sister and I were growing up was the constant reference to us as “the twins” or “one of the twins”. You aren’t an individual. You’re som…

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World remembers Spanish flu deaths | Letters

28/05/2018 Letters 0

Letters: the Spanish flu is receiving marked attention in its centenary year, writes Hannah MawdsleyThe victims of the 1918 Spanish flu have been far from forgotten on the centenary of this deadly period in 20th-century history (A century on, why …