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Afternoon delight: how to have a successful nap

13/08/2019 Emine Saner 0

If you are sleep-deprived, and need a healthy siesta, careful planning is keyAn afternoon nap is one of the joys of life, although excessive napping could signal all is not well. A new study, published in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia, suggest…

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Government to issue ‘sleep hygiene’ guidance

13/07/2019 Sarah Marsh 0

Leaked draft says less than seven hours’ sleep can damage mental and physical healthThe government could give people guidance on how much sleep they need each night, according to reports.A leaked draft of a public health green paper, due to be publishe…

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How modern life gets in the way of sleep

08/02/2019 Linda Geddes 0

Up to 30% of people in developed countries now suffer from chronic insomnia. How did we get so sick and tired?Part of The Ultimate Guide to Sleep: a special supplement appearing in The Guardian on SaturdayWe evolved on a rotating planet, with regular p…

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Five benefits of being an early riser

03/02/2019 Holly Stafford 0

Rise with the lark and you can expect a happier, more productive life, researchers suggest. And if you’re a woman you seem less likely to suffer from breast cancerA large-scale genetics study recently conducted by Exeter University revealed that people…