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Fond memories of a vintage Mancunian tipple | Brief letters

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1970s drinks | Lipreading | Fiona Hill | The Kurdish people | Mealtimes

I very much look forward to visiting Martin Parr’s photography exhibition in Cardiff . His exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery earlier this year was superb (Interview, G2, 14 October). Warm monochrome photographs of Yates’s Wine Lodge in Ashton-under-Lyne brought back vivid memories of waiting in line to be served a blob, akin to a rite of passage for Mancunians of a certain vintage. This delightful concoction consisted of a lump of white sugar slowly dissolving in a glass of warmed Australian white wine. Of course, it was the 1970s.
Beverley Mason

• If more people with hearing loss came to lipreading classes they would discover so many things available to help (Letters, 16 October). This week we discussed your article on hearing aids. Last week was an exercise on the painted lady butterfly, symbol of the Guardian’s campaign; its resilience giving us hope.
Jean Jackson
Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

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