For young women, poverty and poor mental health are a fact of life | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

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Low pay, insecure jobs and debt is causing everyday financial problems – no wonder their mental health is suffering too

Whenever anyone says tritely that money can’t buy happiness, I wonder to myself if they have ever been truly skint. Solvency doesn’t guarantee happiness, to be sure, but grinding poverty and constant financial anxiety certainly make it very difficult. I know, I’ve been there, and members of my family still are. Just being able to afford the basics without facing that constant gnawing panic makes a hell of a difference to your general sense of wellbeing.

The latest report for Young Women’s Trust – a charity that supports women aged 16-30 who are in poverty, or on low or no pay – paints a glum picture. The Worrying Times (and never has a name been more apt) shows that a third of young people feel more anxious now than this time last year, with Brexit, money worries and housing the dominant reasons. Low pay and insecure jobs are on the rise, with a third of young people saying they have been offered a zero-hours contract, more than half worrying about their earnings, a quarter in constant debt and one in 10 skipping meals.

It is young women of the lowest socio-economic group, DE, who were most worried about their mental health

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