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Readers discuss ways to combat the UK’s excessive sugar consumption and the large amounts contained in processed food and drinks

George Monbiot should not be surprised about the UK’s obesity crisis (We’ve entered a new age of obesity, 15 August). In 1975, the Medical Research Council warned that obesity was likely to be the next major health crisis. My 1976 book, Changing Food Habits in the UK, showed how many food companies were selling food products and drinks with high levels of sugar – and promoting them heavily.

I recommended the government introduce a tax on these unhealthy foods and drinks. Nothing happened. The food and drinks industry has always been opposed to such a tax. Now, 40 years on, the consequences of inaction are there for all to see. For the health of the nation, our politicians need to have the guts to put a tax on these unhealthy foods and drinks.
Chris Wardle
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire

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