Understanding Sleeping Problems In The Elderly People

Worried Senior Woman Sits On Bed Whilst Husband Sleeps

Sleeping problem are most common among the elderly people and health and immune system of a person can add up to the trouble further and usually the help of prescription drugs may be taken for solving the problem of insomnia. Elderly people may also require changing the sleeping patterns due to some kind of illness or less demands on their energy due to retirement.

If there is any sort of illness disrupts the sleep patterns in the elderly and due to physical discomfort, angina, urinary cramps may become a common issue. The left ventricular failure may become some of the most common issues that can be fatal in disturbing the sleep patterns of the concerned person.

Sleep latency is also one of the common causes of disturbing sleep patterns in the elderly. In such a case the person have to spend a few hours in the bed before trying to sleep. Elderly males are most commonly affected by this disorder than orderly females. A long duration of unbroken sleep is necessary in such a case and the people should be convinced about such sleeping patterns. Firstly, a warm comfortable noise free environment, regular exercise, good diet, no heavy meals at night, no eating late at night, relaxation therapies, aromatherapy, herbs like valerian may be taken as a tea, provided that your doctor has been consulted.


By Mehul Banker

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