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New plan to deliver NHS care to children | Letters

07/02/2019 Letters 0

There is a new dedicated programme in place to deliver comprehensive, whole-person care to children and young people, writes Dr Jacqueline CornishRe Al Aynsley-Green’s article (That children are largely absent from the NHS 10-year plan risks perpetuati…

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War metaphors in cancer conversations | Letters

01/02/2019 Letters 0

Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins argues that people with cancer are fed up of the language of war, but not everyone agreesThe language and imagery used by those talking about cancer can, as Simon Jenkins suggests (When it comes to cancer spare us the w…

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Aspirin and the treatment of cancer | Letter

28/01/2019 Letters 0

Information on low-dose aspirin as an additional treatment of cancer should be made widely available to patients, write Professor Peter Elwood, Janet Pickering and Dr Gareth Morgan of Cardiff UniversityA recent review of the medical literature shows th…