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NHS consultants’ pensions dispute | Letters

11/07/2019 Letters 0

John Hall says training enough doctors to make overtime unnecessary is the solution; Moira Hankinson says consultants should stop paying in before their pensions reach the additional tax ceiling; while Peter Wrigley says the state should not subsidise …

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Blame the Treasury for the doctors’ tax trap | Letters

08/07/2019 Letters 0

The head of the hospital doctors’ union, Dr Claudia Paoloni, says the crisis over consultants’ pensions is the fault of the governmentYour front-page article (Operations cancelled in standoff with consultants, 8 July) provides timely exposure on the di…

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Doctors against climate catastrophe | Letter

27/06/2019 Letters 0

‘The diagnosis is clear and the treatment urgent. Yet politicians prevaricate and global emissions still rise’We are qualified medical doctors united by our distress at the minimal response to looming environmental disaster. We sympathise with current …

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Improving wellbeing within the NHS | Letters

25/06/2019 Letters 0

There needs to be a national welfare and morale strategy, says Ravi Mahajan, president of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. And pilates sessions may not be enough, writes Dr Adam Moliver“Improving the NHS workforce’s wellbeing” (Society, 19 June) has…