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Experience: I built my own pancreas

20/07/2018 Dana Lewis 0

Having a computer make adjustments while I sleep is far safer than trying groggily to make decisions in the early hoursI was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 14. This means my pancreas no longer naturally produces insulin; and without insulin,…

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School trip made me a veggie for life | Brief letters

06/07/2018 Letters 0

Visiting abattoirs | Frances Ryan | Healthy sperm | Economics | School skirts | Body odourWhen I was at grammar school over 50 years ago, the fifth form was taken to visit an abattoir on a school trip (Why children should visit abattoirs, 4 July). I’ve…

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Want stronger, healthier sperm? Eat your nuts

04/07/2018 Layal Liverpool 0

Snacking on nuts was shown to increase the number and quality of the sperm men producedGrazing on nuts may boost men’s fertility, according to doctors who found that a daily snack of almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts increased the number and quality of th…

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Seven ways to become a donor

02/07/2018 Kate Carter 0

From offering blood or organs to making a gift of your voice or hair, there are many ways to become a donor without opening your walletGiving blood saves lives: it’s that simple. If you are considered healthy, weigh between 50kg and 160kg (110lb and 35…