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Seven ways to boost your self-esteem

21/01/2019 Amy Sedghi 0

Check negative self-talk, set manageable goals, take regular exercise – and try your hand at gardeningHow we value and perceive ourselves and our abilities is believed to be strongly tied to influences in childhood. A recent longitudinal study followin…

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Craving insight into addiction | Letters

13/01/2019 Letters 0

Dr David Marjot on the anti-boredom effect, and Dr Ian Flintoff on the damage done by a materialist societyI am a retired consultant psychiatrist who specialised in the field of addiction (Constant craving: is addiction on the rise?, G2, 9 January). My…

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Why we should be watching the sun, not the clock

11/01/2019 Linda Geddes 0

Between daylight saving and obligatory early starts, we live at the mercy of ‘official’ time – and many of us feel permanently out of syncBy Linda GeddesThe tourism brochure for the German spa town of Bad Kissingen features a photograph of a young woma…

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The tall stories we tell ourselves about happiness

06/01/2019 Paul Dolan 0

The ‘success’ narrative is at the heart of our idea of wellbeing, but the evidence tells a different tale, argues behavioural scientist Paul Dolan in this extract from his new bookThere are countless stories about how we ought to live our lives. We are…

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Protein mania: the rich world’s new diet obsession

04/01/2019 Bee Wilson 0

Why we can’t get enough when we already eat too much. By Bee WilsonAre you getting enough protein? The question provides its own answer: if you are worrying about the amount of protein in your diet, then you are almost certainly eating more than enough…

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Why exercise alone won’t save us

03/01/2019 Vybarr Cregan-Reid 0

Sedentary lifestyles are killing us – we need to build activity into our everyday lives, not just leave it for the gym. By Vybarr Cregan-ReidThis is the time of year when trainers are mined from under beds and gym kits are disinterred from the bottom d…