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Seven ways to manage anxiety

21/05/2018 David Cox 0

While we all get anxious, for around 5% of the UK population, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) can become chronic. But there are numerous approaches to managing the symptoms Continue reading…

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How our beds are dirtier than chimpanzee nests

16/05/2018 Tim Walker 0

A new study has revealed that a third of the bacteria in our beds is from our own bodies and may be causing health problems – while chimps’ nests are almost spotlessYour lily-white bed linen may, in fact, be less hygienic than the nest of an animal kno…

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How Bradford is setting health trends with study | Letters

08/05/2018 Letters 0

Born in Bradford began in 2007 making the city one of the first in England to be able to monitor the health and wellbeing of its population in real timeSimon Jenkins sees Bradford as a “cold spotâ€� amid the successes of other parts of Yorkshire (Cou…

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I am 13 and hate what I see in the mirror

04/05/2018 Annalisa Barbieri 0

Being what you may think of as thin or pretty doesn’t change how you feel inside, says Annalisa BarbieriI am 13 and worried about my weight. I want to be a model, but I store lots of fat in my face, thighs and stomach. Is that genetic, or is it from …

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From the archive: big girls are back

29/04/2018 Juliana Piskorz 0

It’s 1986 and the Observer is wondering if we will ever escape our fixation with thin womenAs I write, the city is in the sweaty grip of an unprecedented April heatwave. ‘To the beer garden!’ I hear everyone I have ever met cry. The initial …