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Inducing labor at full term: What makes sense?

15/11/2018 Toni Golen, MD 0

For generations, midwives and doctors have looked for ways to imitate human physiology and nudge women’s bodies into giving birth. Synthetic hormones can be used to start and speed up labor. Soft balloons and seaweed sticks placed alongside the cervix can shape a pathway through the birth canal. Self-stimulation can spontaneously spark natural labor transmitters. […]

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Older people’s organs can still save lives | Letters

14/11/2018 Letters 0

Anthony Clarkson, interim director of NHS organ donation and transplantation, Sue Cartlidge and Ron Brewer respond to a previous letter from Jeanne Felmingham querying whether it’s worth having a donor card at the age of 83Re Jeanne Felmingham’s letter…