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Seven ways … to prevent and manage RSI

19/02/2018 Ann Robinson 0

Repetitive strain injury often starts gradually but can soon become severely debilitating. Bu there are ways to nip it in the bud – and alleviate the worst symptomsRepetitive strain injury (RSI) causes pain, weakness, tingling and stiffness of the mu…

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Are we poisoning our children with plastic?

19/02/2018 David Cox 0

The chemical BPA is widely added to food and drink packaging, and more than 80% of teenagers have it in their bodies. But how dangerous is it?Can exposure to plastics harm your health? It’s a question currently being explored by researchers after a r…

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Alan Maynard obituary

16/02/2018 Nicholas Timmins 0

Health economist who had a major impact on policy and practiceAlan Maynard, emeritus professor of health economics at the University of York, who has died aged 73, was crucial in the development of his discipline into an international profession. He al…