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No luxury: book containing tampons is runaway hit

21/06/2019 Alison Flood 0

Protest against Germany’s 19% tax on sanitary products sells out first print run in one dayOpen up a book and you can find a whole world. But the first book from the German startup the Female Company offers something more straightforward: within its co…

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The 14 things you need to know before you go vegan

19/06/2019 Sirin Kale 0

The environmental, health and ethical benefits of veganism are beyond doubt. But what if you feel a bit intimidated by the idea? Some experts offer their adviceMore and more of us are going vegan. The environmental and ethical case for a diet free of a…

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Experience: I was hospitalised with a sex headache

07/06/2019 Lisa Henderson 0

My partner was gleeful at the diagnosis. ‘Hold on, I almost blew your mind?’My partner’s head was between my legs when I felt a splitting pain at the base of my skull. It was as if someone was trying to crack it open with a teaspoon – as if it was a bo…