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Seven ways to maintain strong bones

13/08/2018 Kate Carter 0

Skeletal strength is built in our teenage years – but high-calcium foods, vitamin D and exercise help at any ageUntil about the age of 30, our bodies are still building bone and the teenage years are the crucial period in this process – osteoporosis ha…

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Experience: my mother couldn’t speak to me

10/08/2018 Anais Bremond 0

I had never felt so lonely; I had no idea what she was thinking or feelingMy mother, Natalie, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just after my first birthday. She knew there was something wrong a few years earlier, as she had started experiencing co…

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Women: beware teas with a gender agenda | Letters

09/08/2018 Letters 0

Herbal drinks that claim to be specially blended for women should be treated with some scepticism, writes Dr James BrownTea is a fabulous drink. In its various guises it is the second most consumed beverage worldwide after water and contains many biolo…

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How to stop your battenburg being a health risk

06/08/2018 Mina Holland 0

The cake has been described as dangerously sugary, but a healthier version can still hit the spotAn afternoon tea fixture and Bake Off favourite, nothing sets Middle English appetites aflutter like battenberg cake. It is said to have been created to ma…

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My mother drinks all day and refuses help

03/08/2018 Annalisa Barbieri 0

You need to learn to build emotional boundaries, says Annalisa BarbieriMy mother has always been a difficult, stubborn and independent woman with an alcohol problem that was largely mitigated by my father when he was alive. Since his death seven years …