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Solving the genome puzzle

21/09/2018 Linda Geddes 0

With advances in gene technology helping to diagnose very rare diseases, has the new era of personalised medicine finally arrived?Evie Walker sits on her mother’s lap, playing a game she never grows tired of: turning her mother’s hand over and over, st…

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An environment not hostile enough | Brief letters

19/09/2018 Letters 0

Hostile environment | Vince Cable’s erotic spasm | Disguising greens | Ludo/Llandudno | Article in fullAll too often, the Guardian refers to Theresa May’s “hostile environment” for immigration and Jacqueline McKenzie’s otherwise excellent article repea…

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Labour calls for ban on early foetus sex test

17/09/2018 Press Association 0

There are concerns some could choose to terminate pregnancy based on test resultProspective parents should be banned from using a blood test to determine the sex of their baby in the early stages of pregnancy, Labour has said.Concerns have been raised …