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Beyoncé rocks, but so did Woodstock | Brief letters

21/04/2019 Letters 0

Roger Waters | Rock concerts | Use-by dates | Exercise | SmartphonesRegarding Jeremy Beecham’s thoughts on Roger Waters (Letters, 19 April), I think we can take it as read Waters would not encourage Madonna to support the Assad regime by playing Damasc…

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Housework could keep brain young, research suggests

19/04/2019 Nicola Davis 0

Even light exertions can slow down ageing of the brain, activity-tracker data indicatesEven light activity such as household chores might help to keep the brain young, researchers say, adding to a growing body of evidence that, when it comes to exercis…

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Concerns over rising antidepressant use | Letters

05/04/2019 Letters 0

Prof John Read and others on the news that antidepressant prescribing has passed 70 million in England, and George Herbert on the benefits of cognitive behavioural therapySo, antidepressant prescribing passed 70 million in England last year (Report, 29…