‘Being diagnosed with cancer forced me to rethink my finances’

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Sarah Mills on how she coped with the impact of chemo – and launched her own vlog

Name: Sarah Mills
Age: 35
Income: £300 a day, three days a week
Occupation: Freelance TV producer/writer

A year ago I was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer. I’d been passing blood so one day I called 111, who told me to immediately visit A&E. A few tests showed I was anaemic. I was told more tests would be needed. Over the next few months I had to press for these tests as I knew something was wrong. Eventually a colonoscopy showed a malignant mass. They tell you in the room if you have a tumour, but I don’t think they’re allowed to confirm cancer, though it was heavily implied. My best friend was with me, and we went straight to the pub because we were in shock. It was frightening but I knew the NHS would give me the best care possible.

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