Oprah Winfrey On Dieting Is All Too Real: “I Was Desperate”

Speaking with journalist Taffy Brodesser-Akner for New York Times Magazine, Winfrey opens up about her struggles with dieting, and how even her — Oprah frickin' Winfrey — has limits when it comes to the body positivity movement that is currently sweeping the world of wellness. Winfrey told Brodesser-Akner that she doesn't care if she's never "skinny" again, but she does care about her health. The entire piece is hinged around the declining popularity in Weight Watchers, a company known for its portion control and weight monitoring for its participants to lose weight by cutting calories, in favor of wellness buzzwords like "strong," and "fit." As a spokesperson for WW, Winfrey starred in a now iconic commercial declaring her love of bread. ‘‘In the particular moment in time that I got the call,’’ she said of agreeing to join the WW team, ‘‘I was desperate: What’s going to work?

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