Utter madness of NHS chiefs who rejected fancy-dress fundraisers | Letters

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Charmaine Fletcher and Mary Kamaluddin deplore a lack of humour and humanity

The heads of Shropshire Community Health Trust are overstepping the mark (Trust rejects ‘demeaning’ fancy-dress donation, 23 August). It is not for them to dictate the attire of successful charity fundraisers, nor to reject money intended to benefit others. They appear to dwell in an ivory tower of their own construction, oblivious to more serious issues in the health service, many of which, ironically, result from poor local management and financial decision-making.

As a former regional NHS PR and marketing manager, and national charity publicist, I am moved to remind chief executive Jan Ditheridge and chair Mike Ridely of the words of the Salvation Army founder William Booth. When asked about taking donations from sources of which the movement disapproved, he said: “We will wash it [the money] in the tears of the widows and orphans and lay it on the altar of humanity.”

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