What is Britain eating? The ultra-processed truth about 10 of our bestselling foods

From Cherry Bakewells to Fray Bentos pies, do we really understand the cocktail of ingredients in our favourite brands? Nutritionists assess them – and just what they might mean for our health

As the saying goes: if your granny wouldn’t have recognised what’s in it, it’s probably not real food. Yet half the food we take home is made in factories from a list of ingredients and additives as long as your arm, most of which never found a place in any grandparents’ kitchen cupboard – and wouldn’t in yours or mine today.

We are a nation of ultra-processed-food eaters. Our lives have become too fast-paced to cook from scratch and our tastebuds now crave the sweet and salty flavours that ultra-processed foods deliver. Our bread is fluffy and sticks to the teeth like candyfloss. Our yoghurts are super-sweet and creamy. We have ready meals that are shelf-stable (long life without refrigeration), which we can prise open, heat, eat and go.

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