Abortion is legal, so why did the BBC fail to give advice? | Kenan Malik

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The broadcaster did viewers a disservice in refusing to offer information over a Call the Midwife plotline

Abortion has been legal in Britain for more than half a century. It’s the most common gynaecological procedure, with 98% of terminations in England and Wales funded by the NHS. One in three women will have an abortion in their lifetime. The public backs the right to abortion (as do 61% of Catholics). It is, in other words, a much-needed healthcare procedure, widely used by women and with overwhelming public support.

According to the BBC, however, abortion is such a divisive issue that it cannot provide information about it. A recent episode of Call the Midwife featured a storyline in which a woman died after a backstreet abortion in the days before the 1967 Abortion Act. At the end of the episode, viewers were directed to the BBC’s Action Line website that provides information about issues aired in programmes.

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