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Miscarriages change our bodies as much as childbirth. Can we talk about that? | Jessica Zucker and Sara Gaynes Levy

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Women who have miscarried have seen their bodies change exponentially, but with no baby to prove why. It can all feel so futile

In recent years, a zeitgeist shift surrounding the way we talk about postpartum bodies has stormed through culture. The preoccupation with “bouncing back” after the birth of a baby, while not completely erased, has begun to fade. In its place, a dialogue borne mainly through social media encourages grace, acceptance, and self-love for women whose bodies have changed in the wake of growing a human. You made a person. Of course things are different. Wear these changes with pride, the messages say.

It’s a well-intended and much-needed societal shift – women needn’t expect themselves to return to their pre-partum body overnight, if ever. But unfortunately there are countless women who may not feel included by these mantras about loving your postpartum body, as they imply one crucial element: a live birth.

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